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Track Season Has Begun

Posted on: April 1, 2022




East Boys Track got their 2022 season underway on Saturday, March 26th, at the LaSalle Invite.    Lakota East Boys finished 6th overall in team scores. See the results below:

4x800 Meter Relay 5th- 9:32.23

4x200 Meter Relay 8th- 1:40.55

1600 Meter 

Jake Boeskool 2nd- 4:52.79

400 Meter

J.D. Leverette 1st- 52.14

Dru Frazier 6th- 54.47

300 Meter Hurdles

Traves Tideswell 1st- 44.46

200 Meter

Andrew Snider 6th- 24.70

3200 Meter

Ian Balfour 6th- 10:39.67

4x400 Meter

Draven Files, Dru Frazier, Greg James, J.D. Leverette 1st- 3:37.33


Josh Gilkey 6th- 118-1



Lakota East Boys finished #1 overall in the team standings at the Ross All Run event on Wednesday, March 30th.  See details below:

Boys results:

4x800 Meter Relay 1st- 9:18.07

100 Meters

J.D. Leverette 1st- 11.04

Draven Files 3rd- 11.22

1600 Meters

Mashall Novean 1st- 4:46.48

Ian Balfour 3rd- 5:00.63

Blake Gibbs 4th- 5:05.97

Nick Boeskool 5th- 5:06.71

Andrew Gibson 6th 5:11.02

Aidan Ethier 8th- 5:22.30

4x100 Meter Relay 

Marshall Willis, Ethan Evans, Eric Davis, Steve Embry 6th- 46.82

400 Meters

Dru Frazier 1st- 53.19

300 Hurdles

Traves Tideswell 3rd- 43.31

800 Meters

Jake Boeskool 2nd- 2:09.84

Sean Castillo 6th- 2:22.16

Evan Aponte 6th- 2:22.16

200 Meters

J.D. Leverette 1st- 22.54

Draven Files 2nd- 22.99

Dru Frazier 4th- 23.61

4x400 Meter Relay

Landen Pham, Mason Dorsey, Traves Tideswell, Luke Ellis 4th- 3:52.17


Josh Gilkey 1st- 137-6

Long Jump

Ethan Evans 1st- 19-7.50

High Jump

Kyrin Donlan 5th- 5-6

Next up for East boys Track is the Sycamore Invite on Friday, April 8th.  




Lakota East Girls Track opened its season on Saturday, March 26th, at the LaSalle Invite.  East finished 6th overall in team scores.

4x200 Meter Relay

Katlyn Pham, Brooke Asher, Hailey Yeazell, Lauren Matlack 2nd- 1:51.99

1600 Meter Relay

Jocelyn Willis 3rd- 5:38.17

400 Meter 

Lena James 3rd- 1:03.06

Hailey Still 4th- 1:04.09

300 Meter Hurdles

Katlyn Pham 1st- 47.98

800 Meter

Jocelyn Willis 4th- 2:32.33

200 Meter

Ivy Smith 2nd- 26.40


Lakota East Girls Track finished 2nd overall in the team standings at the Ross All Run on Wednesday, 3/30.  See details below:

100 Meter Hurdles

Lucy Carlin 7th -19.91

100 Meters

Ivy Smith 1st-12.41

Lena James 3rd -12.64

Zyneak Warren 4th- 13.20

Haylie Yeazell 5th- 13.23

Katlyn Pham 6th- 13.38

1600 Meters

Brooke Wilson 4th- 6:12.96

4x100 Meter Relay

Brooke Asher, Carrie Rielage, Lauryn Smith, Lauren Matlack 4th- 53.96

400 Meters

Ivy Smith 2nd- 1:04.12

Jocelyn Willis 5th- 1:05.90

Haylie Yeazell 6th- 1:06.15

300 Hurdles

Katlyn Pham 1st- 49.29

Lucy Carlin 7th- 57.59

800 Meters

Hailey Still 1st- 2:41.70

Brooke Wilson 6th- 2:52.43

200 Meters

Lena James 1st- 25.53

Brooke Asher 4th- 28.65

4x400 Meter Relay

Katlyn Pham, Jocelyn Willis, Kaylan Dirr, Grace Holtmeier 1st- 4:26.42


Samantha Mullen 5th- 80-5.50

Anna Muehleisen 7th- 70-10

High Jump

Carrie Rielage 2nd- 5-0                           


Next up for the East girls varsity is the Sycamore Invite on Friday, April 8th.  

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