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The Lakota East Athletics Department utilizes an online registration process for all extracurricular activity participation in grades 7-12. This registration method cuts down on paper usage, lost/damaged documents and office filing time as many routine legal forms are available online using an electronic approval process. These were forms you previously had to take home, read, sign and return to your coach/advisor/director. We have found the online registration and digital approval of forms to provide more overall consistency and stability to our extracurricular program as well as convenience for all.

Final Forms requires each family to set up an account, which will initially take some time, and we appreciate your effort to do this as accurately as possible. After your account is created, certain steps/forms must only be completed once and then are stored for future, saving you time after your initial setup. Parents will create the account then students will get an email to confirm and sign in under their own login. Navigating FinalForms is logical, but if you have trouble, please try scrolling to the bottom of page and clicking “Use Support." Also, the Athletics Office is able to assist with problems as needed. As in the past, completing the registration process is required to participate in extracurricular activities at Lakota East High School.

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